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Learn how home automation and security systems wirelessly protect your family, home, and everything in between.

Home automation hardware map

Control panel

Created to quickly and easily update homeowners of their security status, the Simon XT Touch Screen features one-touch arming and disarming, soothing voice feedback, and an emergency response signal.

Motion sensors

We understand that even the slightest movement can be indicative of danger—and you’ll want to be prepared in the event you’re unable to see or hear it. That’s why our innovative motion detectors use both heat and movement to detect intruders when your alarm system is armed.

Door alarms

A surprisingly simple device, door/window sensors create a magnetic field that, when broken, sends a signal to your central Simon XT control panel and sounds the alarm.

Smoke detectors

Monitored smoke detectors can identify smoke or rapid rising temperatures 24 hours a day. Even if your security system is disarmed, our monitoring facility notifies your local fired department if it detects a fire.

Security cameras

Easily check on maintenance workers, pets or babysitters by accessing your home's secure LIVE video feed while at work or even on vacation. Alarm Zone makes it easy to add video home security into your house today.